Christian Care

Why Choose Christian Counseling?

Counseling can be helpful to anyone.

Learning to think differently and to develop more positive skills to cope with life’s problems is good for any of us. In addition, I love to work with Christians because the power of the Holy Spirit gives people a greater ability to change their lives. God’s word is eternal and applies to today’s marriages, today’s life situations and gives perspective to the world. For those who have given their lives to Christ, we have the confidence and peace that comes from knowing the creator of the universe – and that He likes us.

God does not have a “Plan B” for any of us. He knows the future and cannot be surprised or disappointed in any of us. We sometimes think we have gone so far outside of His will that even God can’t redeem us. But if we give ourselves completely to Him, He will take us far beyond what we dreamed could be possible. Our lives may not look like we thought it would – but it can still be wonderful and fulfilling and happy.

Counseling is intended to be a temporary relationship. My job is to walk with you through the valley, encourage you and give you the tools that help you enjoy your life and to build happy and satisfying relationships. The Bible says “He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others” (2Cor 1:4). When Christians gets healing, often they find themselves mentoring others and helping them through a similar situation. God gives us “beauty for ashes”, meaning the thing that was our greatest trial may become our greatest triumph. Be faithful and let God work and He will amaze you.