Marriage Counseling

Want a Happy Marriage?

What is a happy marriage supposed to look like? It includes a husband who is respected, who looks forward to coming home. A man who loves his wife, and treats her with consideration; a man who leads by example with strength and kindness.

It includes a wife who feels cherished and loved, who knows her husband adores her, who loves her life and uses her gifts to enrich her family and others. As a couple, they work together, laugh together and enjoy the intimacy God gave them. “Is this the marriage you want?”

The heading Marriage Counseling doesn’t tell the full story. When a couple comes in for marital therapy, there are usually many underlying issues – communication problems, conflict resolution issues, anger management, sexual addictions, substance abuse, alcoholism, adultery, depression, discouragement, intimacy issues, spiritual problems. When you come in for counseling, I want to build a safe, friendly, confidential environment to talk through the issues and help you learn a new way to be married. I can help.